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A patient journey to self-management of chronic pain_video

A resource for teachers supporting school students after the bush fires - Anglicare

Aboriginal QI recipe

ACT SNSW HealthPathways_seeing another GP patient info

ACT SNSW HealthPathways_video

Active8 Program_Referral Form

Adult Palliative Care Plan

After hours poster_Generic

After hours poster_Illawarra

After hours promotion video

AIR first time log on_video

AIR how to register_video

AIR logging on_video

AIR requesting a report_video

AIR submitting and updating an encounter

Allied Health Group Referral Form Diabetes_Best Practice

Allied Health Referral Form_Medical Director

Antenatal_ screening for diabetes in pregnancy

Antenatal_pregnancy care Illawarra & Shoalhaven 2018 edition

ANU research summary_non-English speaking patients

Asthma QI recipe

ATSI allied health follow up_Best Practice

ATSI allied health referral_Medical Director

Australian Immunisation Register_Immunisation medical exemption

Australian law at the end of life_factsheet

Best Practice_My Health Record reports

Bodenheimer_10 building blocks of high performing primary care

Bodenheimer_from triple to quaduple aim

BRCA testing FREE for high risk patients GP info

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Infographic

BreastScreen NSW Rose Clinic Wollongong Poster Final

Bushfire Recovery Assistance - Office of Emergency Management

Bushfire services guide - Anglicare

Bushfire support resource pack - Be You

Bushfires fact sheet - RACGP

Cardiovascular QI recipe

Childhood Immunisation Schedule Update July 2018

Chronic disease management_allied health referral_Best Practice

Chronic kidney disease QI recipe

Chronic Pain 2019 BP

Chronic Pain 2019 MD

Clinical Data Auditing Activities Focusing on High Risk Patients

Closing the Gap_adult health check_Best Practice

Closing the Gap_adult health check_Medical Director

Closing the Gap_kids check 0-12 years_Best Practice

Closing the Gap_kids health check_Medical Director

Closing the Gap_older health check_Best Practice

Closing the Gap_older health check_Medical Director

Cold chain breaches

Cold chain management

Cold Chain Management webinar, PN CoP August 2019_video

Communication and assessment info_ISBAR tool

Community Palliative Care Illawarra Shoalhaven

COORDINARE accreditation webpage

COORDINARE cancer screening webpage resources

COPD QI recipe

Coping with the Impact of Bushfire - CRRMH

COVID-19 Chronic Disease QI recipe

Cveta's mental health story

Daniel's mental health story

Deb's mental health story

Diabetes Emergency Plan

Diabetes foot screening_Medical Director

Diabetes QI recipe

Disaster relief grants - NSW Department of Justice

Drought resource info sheet March 19

Dying to Talk_Discussion Starter

Eddie's mental health story

Examples of e-mental health resources

Excerpt from the Sentinel Practices Data

Extreme weather fact sheet - RACGP

Feasibility of screening in general practices

Flooding fact sheet - RACGP

Four year old health check_Best Practice

Geriatrician in the Practice_individual ALM

GP attitudes to patients with alcohol usage disorders

GP leadership EOI

GP management plan_Medical Director

GP Referral Form Chronic Pain Management Program

Grattan Institute_Mapping Primary Health Care July 2018

Guide to using AIR

Healing Foundation - Working with the Stolen Generations: understanding trauma

Health Care Homes: Reform of the Primary Health Care System (Department of Health)

Health Translations Directory flyer

Healthcare Homes Opportunity_Tracey Johnson

HealthChange Introductory Workshop Brochure

HealthDirect telehealth GP info sheet

Healthy Ageing QI recipe

How to create a PRODA account_video

How to request AIR 10A Immunisation Due/Overdue Practice Report

How to use the Doctor's Priority Line

HPOS & Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)_full video

iCanQuit website

Illawarra Antenatal Shared Care Program Clinical Pathway 2018

Illawarra Shoalhaven HealthPathways_video

Illawarra Shoalhaven Integrated Care Strategy_October 2018

Immunisation action plan

Immunisation fact sheet_How are vaccines shown to be safe?

Immunisation fact sheet_How do vaccines affect immunity?

Immunisation fact sheet_What about autism?

Immunisation fact sheet_What is in a vaccine?

Immunisation fact sheet_Why is the schedule the way it is?

Immunisation ISLHD 2018 November Update Part 1

Immunisation ISLHD 2018 November Update Part 2

Immunisation Process Checklist

Immunisation QI_video

Important information from South Eastern NSW PHN

Influenza resources 2019

Information for young people affected by a natural disaster - headspace

Instructions for putting HealthPathways on mobile devices

Isabelle and Alex's mental health story

ISLHD catch up plan table 1

ISLHD catch up plan table 2

John's mental health story

Kellie's mental health story

Literature review_AOD peer support models

Making an Advance Care Directive

Making an Advance Care Directive_NSW Health info book

Malnutrition Program Expression of Interest

Managing emergencies in general practice - RACGP

Managing stress in drought-affected communities (for consumers)

Managing your diabetes in an emergency

Managing your mental health during and after a bushfire - NSW Health

Mental health in emergencies fact sheet - RACGP

Mental Health Scope of Practice_consent form

Multiple Chronic Conditions QI recipe

Multiple Medications QI recipe

My Health Record_Assisted Registration Form

My Health Record_Assisted Registration Form_Child

My Health Record_Assisted Registration_Identification Framework

My Health Record_Essential Information

My Health Record_Genie Report

My Health Record_Handbook for Practice Managers

My Health Record_New Legislation

My Health Record_Organisation Readiness Checklist

My Health Record_Practice Manager Registration Guide

My Health Record_Security Factsheet

NADA Language matters guide

NASH renewal instructions

National Bowel Cancer Screening Program_info booklet

National Interpreter Symbol

National Shingles Vaccination Program_Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander poster

National Shingles Vaccination Program_Consumer brochure

NBCSP Home Test Kit Instruction Sheet

NDIS First Plan Workshop

NDIS Plan Implementation Workshop

NDIS posters for waiting rooms

NDIS_information for health professionals

Neami National Activ8 Program Booklet

NPS MedicineWise_National Cervical Screening Program online modules

NSW Ambulance_Authorised Care Plan

NSW clinical guidelines_opioid dependence

NSW Fight Dementia

NSW Immunisation Schedule updated March 2019

Ordering vaccines

Paediatric Palliative Care Form

Palliative Care for General Practice: New online modules

Patient & Family Centred Care: Moments that Make all the Difference

Patient Centred Medical Home_video

Patient Centred Medical Home_WentWest brochure

Patient outcomes at 26 months in the patient-centered medical home National Demonstration Project (Jaen et al)

Patient Reported Measures_FAQ's

Patient Reported Measures_Outcomes that matter to patients

PCMH Symposium_ Dianne Kitcher and Prof Andrew Bonney presentation

PCMH Symposium_Dr Duncan MacKinnon presentation

PCMH Symposium_Dr Michael Wright presentation

PCMH Symposium_Leanne Wells presentation

PCMH Symposium_Prof Benjamin Crabtree presentation

PCMH Symposium_Walter Kmet and Dr Walid Jammal presentation

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia_Federal Budget Submission

PHN talking points_Free Interpreting Service and Doctors Priority Line

Practice Nurse Dev Day 1

Practice Nurse Dev Day 2

Practice Nurse Dev Day 3

Practice Nurse Dev Day 4

Practice Nurse Dev Day 5

Practice Nurse Dev Day 6

Practice self assessment

Pregnancy in the Illawarra Antenatal Shared Care Program

Primary care practice transformation is hard work: insights from a 15-year developmental program of research (Crabtree et al)

Principles of fit checking chart - masks

Protect yourself from bushfire smoke - NSW Health

Questions about vaccination_NIP 2018

RACGP 5th Edition Standards for General Practice

RACGP social media guide

Receiving a vaccine delivery

Red Cross Disaster Recovery Support Feb 2020

Screening Tool: OTC Codeine Assessment

Smoking cessation resources

SPDS project_video

Stepped Care video (silent)

Stepped Care video (with voiceover)

The Health Care Home Model: Primary Health Care Meeting Public Health Goals (Grant and Greene)

The Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Review of Recent Research (Hoff et al)

This Way Up how to prescribe

This Way Up info for clinicians

Thunderstorm asthma fact sheet - RACGP

Tips for Providing Emotional & Psychological Support - Anglicare

TIS brochure_Doctor's Priority Line

TIS brochure_Free Interpreting Service

TIS_client code reference list

TIS_language card

Transforming Physician Practices To Patient-Centered Medical Homes: Lessons From The National Demonstration Project (Nutting et al)

Understanding drought-related stress (for health professionals)

UOW short report of PCMH service provider consultation findings

Vaccinations QI recipe

Webinar on cervical screening_video

Why does patient activation matter? An examination of the relationships between patient activation and health-related outcomes (Greene)

Winter Strategy CAT4 instructions