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2020/21 Annual Report Card

A patient journey to self-management of chronic pain_video

A resource for teachers supporting school students after the bush fires - Anglicare

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – allied health referral_Medical Director

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: allied health follow up_Best Practice

Aboriginal QI recipe

ACT SNSW HealthPathways_seeing another GP patient info

ACT SNSW HealthPathways_video

Active8 Program_Referral Form

Adult Palliative Care Plan

After hours poster_Generic

After hours poster_Illawarra

After hours promotion video

AIR first time log on_video

AIR how to register_video

AIR logging on_video

AIR requesting a report_video

AIR submitting and updating an encounter

Alcohol Intake QI recipe

Allied Health Group Referral Form Diabetes_Best Practice

Allied Health Referral Form_Medical Director

ANU research summary_non-English speaking patients

Asthma QI recipe

Australian Immunisation Register_Immunisation medical exemption

Australian law at the end of life_factsheet

Best Practice_My Health Record reports

Bodenheimer_10 building blocks of high performing primary care

Bodenheimer_from triple to quaduple aim

BRCA testing FREE for high risk patients GP info

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Infographic

BreastScreen NSW Rose Clinic Wollongong Poster Final

Bushfire Recovery Assistance - Office of Emergency Management

Bushfire services guide - Anglicare

Bushfire support resource pack - Be You

Bushfires fact sheet - RACGP

Cardiovascular QI recipe

Childhood Immunisation Schedule Update July 2018

Chronic disease management_allied health referral_Best Practice

Chronic kidney disease QI recipe

Chronic Pain 2019 BP

Chronic Pain 2019 MD

Clinical Data Auditing Activities Focusing on High Risk Patients

Closing the Gap_adult health check_Best Practice

Closing the Gap_adult health check_Medical Director

Closing the Gap_kids check 0-12 years_Best Practice

Closing the Gap_kids health check_Medical Director

Closing the Gap_older health check_Best Practice

Closing the Gap_older health check_Medical Director

Cold chain breaches

Cold chain management

Cold Chain Management webinar, PN CoP August 2019_video

Communication and assessment info_ISBAR tool

Community Palliative Care Illawarra Shoalhaven

COORDINARE Aboriginal health webpage

COORDINARE accreditation webpage

COORDINARE antenatal shared care webpage

COORDINARE bushfire support webpage

COORDINARE Business Model 2022

COORDINARE CALD and refugee health webpage

COORDINARE cancer screening webpage resources

COORDINARE chronic conditions webpage

COORDINARE COVID-19 information for health professionals webpage

COORDINARE COVID-19 information webpage

COORDINARE data quality webpage

COORDINARE digital mental health resources webpage

COORDINARE drug and alcohol webpage

COORDINARE end of life care webpage

COORDINARE engaging with the NDIS webpage

COORDINARE funded mental health and suicide prevention prorams

COORDINARE Geriatrician in the Practice webpage

COORDINARE GPLO program in Southern NSW webpage

COORDINARE HealthPathways webpage

COORDINARE immunisation webpage resources

COORDINARE infection control webpage

COORDINARE LGBTIQ+ health webpage

COORDINARE Life doesn't always go according to plan webpage

COORDINARE lumos data linkage webpage

COORDINARE Medicare Benefits Schedule webpage

COORDINARE mental health and suicide prevention webpage

COORDINARE My Health Record webpage

COORDINARE nurse-led clinics webpage


COORDINARE pharmacy in the practice webpage

COORDINARE Practice Incentives Program QI webpage

COORDINARE Practice Incentives Program webpage

COORDINARE primary health disaster response and recovery webpage

COORDINARE quality improvement webpage

COORDINARE research opportunities webpage

COORDINARE resilience in general practice webpage

COORDINARE winter strategy webpage

COORDINARE's COVID-19 information for health professionals

COORDINARE's COVID-19 information for the community

COPD QI recipe

Coping with the Impact of Bushfire - CRRMH

COVID-19 Chronic Disease QI recipe

Cveta's mental health story

Daniel's mental health story

Deb's mental health story

Diabetes Emergency Plan

Diabetes foot screening_Medical Director

Diabetes QI recipe

Disaster relief grants - NSW Department of Justice

Drought resource info sheet March 19

Dying to Talk_Discussion Starter

Eddie's mental health story

Examples of e-mental health resources

Excerpt from the Sentinel Practices Data

Extreme weather fact sheet - RACGP

Feasibility of screening in general practices

Flooding fact sheet - RACGP

Four year old health check_Best Practice

Geriatrician in the Practice_individual ALM

Getting your home COVID-19 ready_tips for Aboriginal peoples

GP attitudes to patients with alcohol usage disorders

GP leadership EOI

GP management plan_Medical Director

GP Referral Form Chronic Pain Management Program

Grattan Institute_Mapping Primary Health Care July 2018

Guide to using AIR

Healing Foundation - Working with the Stolen Generations: understanding trauma

Health Care Homes: Reform of the Primary Health Care System (Department of Health)

Health Translations Directory Flyer 2022

Healthcare Homes Opportunity_Tracey Johnson

HealthChange Introductory Workshop Brochure

HealthDirect telehealth GP info sheet

Healthy Ageing QI recipe

How to create a PRODA account_video

How to request AIR 10A Immunisation Due/Overdue Practice Report

How to use the Doctor's Priority Line

HPOS & Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)_full video

iCanQuit website

Illawarra Antenatal Shared Care Program Clinical Pathway 2018

Illawarra Shoalhaven HealthPathways_video

Illawarra Shoalhaven Integrated Care Strategy_October 2018

Immunisation action plan

Immunisation fact sheet_How are vaccines shown to be safe?

Immunisation fact sheet_How do vaccines affect immunity?

Immunisation fact sheet_What about autism?

Immunisation fact sheet_What is in a vaccine?

Immunisation fact sheet_Why is the schedule the way it is?

Immunisation ISLHD 2018 November Update Part 1

Immunisation ISLHD 2018 November Update Part 2

Immunisation Process Checklist

Immunisation QI_video

Important information from South Eastern NSW PHN

Influenza resources 2019

Information for young people affected by a natural disaster - headspace

Infosheet - Accessing the NCSR

Instructions for putting HealthPathways on mobile devices

Isabelle and Alex's mental health story

ISLHD catch up plan table 1

ISLHD catch up plan table 2

John's mental health story

Keep Our Mob Safe: COVID-19 information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Kellie's mental health story

Literature review_AOD peer support models

Making an Advance Care Directive

Making an Advance Care Directive_NSW Health info book

Malnutrition Program Expression of Interest

Managing emergencies in general practice - RACGP

Managing stress in drought-affected communities (for consumers)

Managing your diabetes in an emergency

Managing your mental health during and after a bushfire - NSW Health

Mental health in emergencies fact sheet - RACGP

Mental Health Scope of Practice_consent form

Multiple Chronic Conditions QI recipe

Multiple Medications QI recipe

My Health Record_Assisted Registration Form

My Health Record_Assisted Registration Form_Child

My Health Record_Assisted Registration_Identification Framework

My Health Record_Essential Information

My Health Record_Genie Report

My Health Record_Handbook for Practice Managers

My Health Record_New Legislation

My Health Record_Organisation Readiness Checklist

My Health Record_Practice Manager Registration Guide

My Health Record_Security Factsheet

NADA Language matters guide

NASH renewal instructions

National Bowel Cancer Screening Program_info booklet

National Interpreter Symbol

National Shingles Vaccination Program_Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander poster

National Shingles Vaccination Program_Consumer brochure

NBCSP Home Test Kit Instruction Sheet

NDIS First Plan Workshop

NDIS Plan Implementation Workshop

NDIS posters for waiting rooms

NDIS_information for health professionals

Neami National Activ8 Program Booklet

NPS MedicineWise_National Cervical Screening Program online modules

NSW Ambulance_Authorised Care Plan

NSW clinical guidelines_opioid dependence

NSW Fight Dementia

NSW Immunisation Schedule updated March 2019

Ordering vaccines

Paediatric Palliative Care Form

Palliative Care for General Practice: New online modules

Patient & Family Centred Care: Moments that Make all the Difference

Patient Centred Medical Home_video

Patient Centred Medical Home_WentWest brochure

Patient outcomes at 26 months in the patient-centered medical home National Demonstration Project (Jaen et al)

Patient Reported Measures_FAQ's

Patient Reported Measures_Outcomes that matter to patients

PCMH Symposium_ Dianne Kitcher and Prof Andrew Bonney presentation

PCMH Symposium_Dr Duncan MacKinnon presentation

PCMH Symposium_Dr Michael Wright presentation

PCMH Symposium_Leanne Wells presentation

PCMH Symposium_Prof Benjamin Crabtree presentation

PCMH Symposium_Walter Kmet and Dr Walid Jammal presentation

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia_Federal Budget Submission

PHN talking points_Free Interpreting Service and Doctors Priority Line

Practice Nurse Dev Day 1

Practice Nurse Dev Day 2

Practice Nurse Dev Day 3

Practice Nurse Dev Day 4

Practice Nurse Dev Day 5

Practice Nurse Dev Day 6

Practice self assessment

Pregnancy in the Illawarra Antenatal Shared Care Program

Primary care practice transformation is hard work: insights from a 15-year developmental program of research (Crabtree et al)

Principles of fit checking chart - masks

Protect yourself from bushfire smoke - NSW Health

Questions about vaccination_NIP 2018

RACGP 5th Edition Standards for General Practice

RACGP social media guide

Receiving a vaccine delivery

Red Cross Disaster Recovery Support Feb 2020

Screening Tool: OTC Codeine Assessment

Session 1 Wound Care in General Practice pres slides

Smoking cessation resources

SPDS project_video

Stepped Care video (silent)

Stepped Care video (with voiceover)

The Health Care Home Model: Primary Health Care Meeting Public Health Goals (Grant and Greene)

The Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Review of Recent Research (Hoff et al)

This Way Up how to prescribe

This Way Up info for clinicians

Thunderstorm asthma fact sheet - RACGP

Tips for Providing Emotional & Psychological Support - Anglicare

TIS brochure_Doctor's Priority Line

TIS brochure_Free Interpreting Service

TIS_client code reference list

TIS_language card

Transforming Physician Practices To Patient-Centered Medical Homes: Lessons From The National Demonstration Project (Nutting et al)

Understanding drought-related stress (for health professionals)

UOW short report of PCMH service provider consultation findings

Vaccinations QI recipe

Webinar on cervical screening_video

Why does patient activation matter? An examination of the relationships between patient activation and health-related outcomes (Greene)

Winter Strategy CAT4 instructions