Practice Incentives Program (PIP)

The Practice Incentives Program (PIP) aims to support general practice activities. These activities include continuous improvements, quality care, enhanced capacity, and improved access and health outcomes for patients.

For more specific information on the Practice Incentive Programs available including incentive guidelines, please visit the Services Australia website.

The PIP consists of eight individual incentives:

PIP Incentives


After Hours Incentive

Supports general practices to provide patients with appropriate access to after-hours care. 

eHealth Incentive

The PIP eHealth Incentive aims to encourage practices to keep up to date with digital health and adopt new digital health technology as it becomes available. 

General Practitioner Aged Care Access Incentive (ACAI)

Aims to encourage GP's to provide increased and continuing services in Australian Government funded residential aged care facilities (RACFs). 

Indigenous Health Incentive

Aims to support general practices and Indigenous health services to provide better care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, including best practice management of chronic disease. 

Procedural General Practitioner Payment

Procedural General Practitioner Payments aim to encourage GPs in rural and remote areas to maintain local access to surgical, anaesthetic and obstetric services. 

Rural Loading Incentive

Recognises the difficulties of providing care, often with little professional support, in rural and remote areas. 

Quality Improvement Incentive (QI)

The QI Incentive is a payment to general practices that participate in quality improvement activities to improve patient outcomes and deliver best practice care. To find out more, visit our PIP QI page.

Teaching Payment

Payment to encourage general practices to provide teaching sessions to undergraduate and graduate medical students preparing to enter the Australian medical profession. 

Online training is available to help you manage your participation in the PIP. For further information or support, please contact your COORDINARE Health Coordination Consultant (HCC). To find out who the HCC is in your region click here, or phone 1300 069 002.