Practice Incentives Program - Quality Improvement

The Practice Incentives Program (PIP) Quality Improvement (QI) Incentive commenced on 1 August 2019. It is a payment to general practices that participate in quality improvement activities to improve patient outcomes and deliver best practice care.

There are two components general practices need to meet to qualify for a PIP QI Incentive payment:

The PIP QI Incentive rewards practices for participating in continuous quality improvement activities in partnership with COORDINARE.

Practices may focus their quality improvement activities on specified Improvement Measures. There are no set targets for the Improvement Measures. Alternatively, practices can choose to focus their activities on other areas. These areas must be informed by their clinical information system data and meet the needs of their practice population.

The PIP Eligible Data Set is the data collected against specified Improvement Measures. General practices must submit the PIP Eligible Data Set from their general practice clinical information system to COORDINARE on a quarterly basis.

COORDINARE will use the de-identified data to provide feedback to general practices, helping the practice identify key priority areas and quality improvement activities.

The Department of Health has released a number of documents to help practices understand the PIP QI requirements and PIP data governance arrangements:

If you are already participating in COORDINARE’s Sentinel Practices Data Sourcing (SPDS) project, please contact your Health Coordination Consultant. By updating your existing SPDS agreement and undertaking quarterly benchmarking with your Heath Coordination Consultant, you will find it an easy process to meet the PIP QI requirements.

If you are not participating in COORDINARE’s SPDS project but you wish to qualify for the PIP QI Incentive payment, please contact your Health Coordination Consultant (HCC) to discuss enrolling. To find out who the HCC is in your region please click here, or phone 1300 069 002.