Priority for action: Digital health adoption

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the uptake of telehealth among providers and consumers. 97% of GPs now provide care consultations via telephone or video compared to 15% before the pandemic. Most of our commissioned services provided online or telehealth services as an alternative to face-to-face services.

Adopting digital health remains challenging - due to social factors, access to technology, and health system incentives. Barriers related to data security, privacy and trust can also hinder the adoption of digital health technologies.

Consumers tell us that telehealth is important for people in rural and regional areas, particularly for people displaced by disasters such as bushfires. However, approximately 20% of people across our region do not have access to reliable internet. COORDINARE will maintain the momentum achieved in digital health adoption and develop strategies to overcome the digital divide.

Our action

COORDINARE will develop an Action Plan: Digital Health Adoption that will focus on the human and social aspects of embedding digital health into usual care practices for both providers and consumers. We will work to overcome barriers, so the digital divide does not further disadvantage consumers with limited access to technology.