Below is a list of useful resources around cancer screening:

Breast screening

Bowel screening

  • Flipcharts in community languages, for use in patient education can be found here.

Cervical screening

  • This video demonstrates the new cervical screening test (WARNING: it contains clinical images).
  • NPS MedicineWise modules provide online training for healthcare providers who conduct cervical screening tests and follow-up management (login required).
  • COORDINARE webinar for clinicians on the cervical screening changes.
  • Implementing the changes to the National Cervical Screening Program: A guide for clinicians.
  • A toolkit for engaging under-screened and never-screened women in the National Cervical Screening Program is available here
  • Cervical Screening for LGBTIQ people is available here.

Lung cancer prevention

Consumer resources

  • Combined cancer screening factsheet, available in English, 15 other languages and as a resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Go to
  • For comprehensive consumer resources on bowel, breast and cervical cancer screening go to
  • Refer patients to the Cancer Council website to help them better understand cancer, as well as reduce their risk.
  • LGBTIQ information about cervical screening is available here.
  • Patients can find information and request a NSW Quitline call back via iCanQuit or contact the NSW Quitline directly on 13 7848.

Cancer care

EviQ GP Factsheets