Infection control

Infection prevention and control plays an important role in delivering safe health services. The RACGP Infection prevention and control standards for general practices focus on practice-based risk assessment and staff education. These guidelines are mandatory for accreditation and align with the RACGP Standards 5th edition criterion GP 4.1.

COORDINARE recently partnered with Microbiologist and Infection Control Specialist, Margaret Jennings, to deliver webinars entitled COVID-19 and general practice: Infection prevention & control. The sessions were recorded and are now available. Please be advised, the information contained in each session was accurate as at the date and time of each recording. To stay up to date with the latest information on COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) you can visit the NSW Health website, and are strongly encouraged by NSW Health to check the website daily.

Below are links to the two sessions recently held:

Please visit Margaret’s website here where you can access newsletters, resources, or request to join her email list.

Other useful infection control resources include:

Your accreditation provider, AGPAL or GPA, may also have additional resources available. For the latest NSW Health Infectious disease alerts click here

For further information contact our Engagement and Coordination team at or 1300 069 002.