What our Panel said about cancer screening... February 2017

This month, responses showed that majority (53%) of our panel were aware of what cancer screening tests were recommended for their age and stage of life. However, only 32% of these respondents had completed the recommended cancer screening tests in the past and were now overdue for further testing.

Of those who had completed the recommended tests, 30% said they were prompted to by a conversation with their GP.

Of the 16% of respondents who had never had a recommended cancer screening test, majority of those stated this was due to a lack of knowledge, while 33% mentioned that cost was a contributing factor.

And finally, when we look at the ONE word used to describe cancer screening tests, 74% of people described their experiences with a positive word… ‘IMPORTANT, ESSENTIAL, and BENEFICIAL’, for example. Other responses were not as positive, so it will be good to understand this further going forward.


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