NewAccess: a new low intensity mental health service

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New Access is available to people living in South Eastern NSW and is of particular benefit to people living in rural and remote areas.

New Access is a structured, six-session program designed by Beyond Blue to help people manage stress and cope with emerging mental health issues.

Service staff are specially trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, guiding people through a proven, evidence-based program. 

The free mental health coaching program is designed for anyone who feels stressed, anxious or overwhelmed about everyday life challenges, such as work, study, relationships, health and loneliness. The program is completely confidential and available in-person, over the phone or by video call. 

NewAccess is delivered by Wellways to people aged 16+ living in South Eastern NSW. The program is of particular benefit to people living in rural and regional areas where mental health support can be limited.

Participants do not require a referral from a health professional and there is no waitlist with appointments available within seven days.

Interested in finding out more? You can watch NewAccess stories from Sam and Sue below:


(Sam's NewAccess Journey - provided by Beyond Blue 2021)


(Sue's NewAccess Journey - provided by Beyond Blue 2021)


To help someone book their first appointment, visit the NewAccess South Eastern NSW website or call 1300 921 535.

For more information about mental health services in South Eastern NSW, you can find a complete list of available services COORDINARE commissions throughout the region here.