Take the first steps towards finding mental health and wellbeing support that is best for you

The sooner you talk about your mental health, the sooner you’ll get the help and support you need, to help you move forward and feel stronger.

You can call 1800 595 212, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm (except public holidays) and a trained professional will take your call, give you advice, and if you need it connect you to the best support or service for you. 

This is not a crisis service. If you need immediate help or are at risk of harm to yourself or others call 000 now.

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    Support for yourself

    If your mental health is stuggling, Head to Health can help direct you to the appropriate support networks. 

    When you call Head to Health on 1800 595 212 a trained mental health professional will talk to you and help direct you to an appropriate service. 

    This may be to an existing mental health service in your area or if appropriate, to receive care at a Head to Health mental health service, either onsite or through telehealth.

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    Support for others

    You may have recognised a change in behaviour in someone around you, or you are aware of someone who has a clinically diagnosed mental health condition.

    Head to Health can help you, and the people you care about, find the right mental health services. Help support someone by calling 1800 595 212.

    Anyone can contact Head to Health. This includes referrals from GPs and other mental health providers, friends or family members.

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    Support for patients

    Health professionals can find more information about Head to Health and how to refer, by viewing the slides from a recent webinar here.

    Health professionals can also visit their local HealthPathways website for further information:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)