Our programs and priorities

We’re focused on addressing South Eastern NSW's health challenges and emerging areas of critical importance. We offer a range of programs, services and information for the health priorities and needs of the region.

Tools and resources for general practice

We provide support to general practices across the region to improve quality of care and to access the latest technology, resources and education.

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    We are dedicated to supporting general practices across our region to achieve and maintain accreditation status.

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    Cancer screening

    We work with general practices to improve screening participation rates and reduce the risk of cancers.

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    Data quality

    We work with general practices to improve the overall effectiveness of routine primary care consultations.

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    Financial incentives

    We encourage general practices to participate in the Practice Incentives Program.

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    We work with primary health care providers to maintain and increase our region’s immunisation coverage rate.

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    Infection control

    Infection control is vital to providing high quality health care for patients and a safe working environment.

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    MyMedicare is a voluntary patient registration system that aims to formalise the relationship between patients, their general practice, general practitioner and primary care teams.

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    Quality improvement

    We can help improve practice workflow with a range of quality improvement tools and resources.

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    Team based care

    High-performing practices view teams as a necessity, ensuring the patient is placed at the centre of their care. 

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Learning and development

Work with us to improve local health outcomes

We offer professional development and learning opportunities for health professionals in the region. You can also read about the health needs of South Eastern NSW communities in our Population Health Profile.

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  • Education and events

    We deliver health professional education, and set up Communities of Practice to promote networking.

  • GP Clusters

    We set up 12 GP Clusters as a way to engage, network with peers, and access professional development.

  • Practice managers support

    Find information to help your practice optimise business and patient health outcomes.

  • Research

    You can get involved with, or take part in local research opportunities, surveys or studies.