Promoting health and preventing illness

Our approach focuses on promoting health and preventing illness through early detection and treatment. This can make a real difference to the long-term health outcomes for local residents across South Eastern NSW.

  • Nurse with female patient.

    Cancer screening

    A greater focus on cancer screening is needed to combat the region's higher-than-average premature mortality rates (compared to the NSW and Australia-wide averages).

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  • Child sitting with mother, and receiving immunisation.


    We also work with primary health care providers to maintain and increase our region's immunisation coverage rates.

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  • Young man, hungover with hand on head.

    Risky alcohol

    We have developed a number of strategies to help promote alcohol guidelines and reduce the long term harm that can result from risky alcohol consumption.

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Reducing risky alcohol consumption

Alcohol continues to be a major source of harm in Australia. Adult residents in South Eastern NSW engaging in high-risk alcohol consumption has remained consistently higher than the state average over time.